domingo, 22 de enero de 2017

@Regrann from @rutgers_scua - This post marks the closing of Womanhouse in 1972. Open for little over a month between January 30 and February 28th, this feminist art exhibition saw around 4,000 visitors including feminist extraordinaire Gloria Steinem, art historian Linda Nochlin, writer Anais Nin and artist Hannah Wilke. Fittingly, at the end of Womanhouse Miriam Schapiro, Judy Chicago (@judy.chicago), and their 21 students gathered at the house to auction pieces of the installations and to have a dinner party. Most of the food depicted on the "Dining Room" table was made from bread dough. Eaten along with other food brought from a local deli, the women celebrated their achievement! #Rutgers #RutgersLibrary #RutgersSCUA #Womanhouse #JudyChicago #MiriamSchapiro #FeministArtProgram #feministart #dinnerparty@pochove - #regrann

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