miércoles, 18 de enero de 2017

@Regrann from @silibraries - One more sneak peek from our November Adopt-a-Book event. A 1792 signed first edition of "The Theory and Practice of Brewing" by Michael Combrune. Our Head of Special Collections, Lilla Vekerdy, says of this volume: "With a commendatory preface written by his friend Peter Shaw, physician to the king and experimental scientist with an interest in chemistry, Combrune demonstrated a clear grasp of basic principles and how these could be profitably applied to the brewing trade. He described experiments carried out to determine the drying temperatures required to yield malts of different colours and recorded observations on mashing and fermentation temperatures, and those for each stage of winemaking as well." #adoptabook #beer #brewing #foodanddrink@pochove - #regrann

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